Craven District Council

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Craven District Council

How Does the Council Operate?

How the Council operates

The Council is comprised of 30 Councillors with one-third elected three years out of every four. (County Councillors are elected in the fourth year) Councillors’ overriding duty is to the whole community, but they have a special duty to all their constituents, to whom they are democratically accountable. 

The Council is committed to transparency, particularly in terms of conduct, and Councillors have agreed to follow a Code of Conduct to ensure high standards in the way they carry out their duties.  The Monitoring Officer ensures training and advice is provided on the Members’ Code of Conduct.

All Council and other Member meetings are open to the public, except when exempt matters are being discussed. The Council appoints and holds to account its committees, sub-committees, panels and groups, and also determines the policy and budget framework.

The Council is responsible for all functions and services, and delegates much of its powers and duties to committees, sub-committees and officers. 

The political composition of the council is:

  • Conservative - 14 members
  • Independent (aligned to the Conservative Group) - 1 member
  • Independents - 7 members
  • Labour - 3 members
  • Green - 2 members
  • Liberal Democrats - 1 member
  • Vacancy - 2 members