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CDC & Plastic Free Skipton Advent Calendar

Craven District Council & Plastic Free Skipton have teamed up to bring you our Advent Calendar with a difference. Every day we're giving you a tip to make your Christmas more environmentally-friendly.


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Tip: Don’t bin your plastic tree

It’s fine to use your plastic tree and plastic decorations from last year!


Tip: Ask for a compost bin for Christmas!

The perfect way to reduce your food waste


Tip: Buy food in recyclable packaging or take your own containers

Remember: Black plastic can’t be recycled


Tip: Send a fun digital greeting or donate to charity instead of sending a Christmas card

If you do buy cards, make sure they are recyclable – no glitter or plastic


Tip: Upcycle to make decorations

Turn glass jars into candle holders and jar lids into tree decorations


Buy a potted Christmas tree with roots

This can be used year on year. Share your tree if it has outgrown your home


Tip: Use the scrunch test for wrapping paper

If it stays scrunched, you can recycle it


Tip: Make your own gift tags

Old Christmas cards make the perfect tags!


Tip: Make your own Christmas stockings

Recycle your Santa Fun Run suits & other old material


Tip: Do a Secret Santa or make a gift-free pact

Cut down on pointless socks and toiletries & save money


Tip: Make and give handmade gifts

A jar of fig chutney, homemade salt scrub or a crocheted hat.


Tip: Get inventive with wrapping

Keep & reuse old wrapping paper & brown paper – or use pillow cases for your family’s presents!


Tip: Give favours, promises or skills.

Promise to babysit for the night or help with the gardening.


Tip: Make your own crackers

Do you even need a gift inside? Depends how good your jokes are ;)


Tip: Seek out zero-waste gifts

Experiences or meal vouchers make great zero-waste gifts.


Tip: Buy second-hand or vintage/antique gifts.

You could even have a go at doing your own upcycling.


Tip: Buy locally

Support local businesses and reduce transportation & packaging.


Tip: Give a book that you’ve read and loved.

It doesn’t matter that it’s second-hand - it’s the thought that counts!


Tip: Take your own bags when shopping

Reuse your bags, including paper bags for loose fruit and veg.


Tip: Plan to use up your leftover food

Make a Boxing Day bubble & squeak brunch with sprouts and roast spuds!


Tip: Use your freezer

You’ll be grateful for those left-over portions when the January blues hit.


Tip: Recycle batteries & electrical items at the tip or supermarket

Please don't put them in your household bins - they’re a fire hazard!


Tip: Consider regifting unwanted gifts

You could have a gift-swap evening with friends, or take them to a charity shop.


Tip: Turn your Boxing Day walk into a litter pick!

Make it into a family game - who can collect the most rubbish?