Craven District Council

Craven District Council

Closure of bring sites in Craven

The removal of all remaining bring sites in Craven, with the exception of Embsay, will begin on 20th January 2018.

Craven District Council has operated bring site recycling facilities throughout the district since 1970. Last year an extensive consultation was undertaken to review these sites, and a decision was reached whereby the majority of bring sites would be removed, with those listed below remaining:

- Grasmere Close car park, High Bentham

- Main Street car park, Embsay

- Glusburn Institute car park, Glusburn

- Whitefriars car park, Settle

- Community Centre car park, Ingleton

- Coach Street car park, Skipton

Over the past year, we have continued to monitor these sites and review their use. Inspection of the facilities has revealed significant abuse by commercial entities, which has raised concern. Furthermore, the extension of kerbside recycling to all properties in Craven since 2010 has resulted in decreased demand for bring site use by residents. Consequently, the proposition of removing all of the remaining bring sites was put to Policy Committee and approved by Members on 5th December 2017.   

The removal of sites will begin on 20th January 2018. 

Stickers will be printed and placed on containers due to be removed, which will also explain how residents can participate in Craven District Councils kerbside recycling collection scheme if they do not already.