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Construction of new waste depot

The Council is developing a new environmentally friendly waste depot at Engine Shed Lane


This webpage introduces the re-development of the Engine Shed Lane Depot site to provide modern, efficient and fit for purpose accommodation for the effective operation of the Council’s Waste Management Service and make more efficient use of the footprint with proposed commercial business units.

Latest News

Nov 15, 2021 - The District Council’s contractor Marshall Building Contractors have commenced ground works to redevelop the Council’s Waste Management Depot Site on Engine Shed Lane.

Upcoming works will continue with piling and foundation works for the new building. This may cause some noise and vibration to nearby properties. The Council offers sincere apologies for the inconvenience.  Any enquiries regarding the current work can be made via email to

The construction team are due to shut down for Christmas from December 23 - January 4.


Craven District Council aspires to generate economic growth by making the best use of the Council’s land and property assets. Council owned land at Engine Shed Lane, Skipton was identified for development in the Business Plan 2017/20 for new employment opportunities as well as retaining its operational waste management facilities. 

The Engine Shed Lane site is situated to the west of Skipton, is already home to approximately 50 businesses from a range of sectors including manufacturing, construction and public services.

The existing waste operations depot at Engine Shed Lane was identified as being inefficient and the buildings at the end of their economic life.

To address this issue Craven District Council has developed a scheme that will redevelop the existing site to provide fit for purpose facilities for the waste management operation, together with business units for rent, to assist in economic growth to the local area.  As well as its own resources, the Council has secured funding from the York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership to assist with the development of the business units.

The new depot is also part of Craven District Council’s project to cut its carbon emissions.  It is being constructed to the highest environmental standards and will include energy saving features such as solar panels, heat pumps and battery storage.

Purpose of the Scheme

The purpose of this scheme is to:

  • Address the inefficient and poor condition of the Council’s Waste Operations buildings and facilities.

  • Provide employment space for local business growth.

Works to be Delivered

Through the scheme the following works are proposed to be delivered in two main phases:

Phase 1

  • Construction of waste management operational depot buildings and yard.

Phase 2

  • Construction of five new commercial business units.

Who is delivering the works?

The Council has procured Marshall Building Contractors to construct the phase 1 works.

What are the timescales for delivery of the works?

Phase 1 – new waste depot

The construction works commenced in September 2021 and programmed to finish in the summer of 2022.   

Phase 2 – business units

Construction works for phase 2 are likely to commence in autumn of 2022, subject to Council approvals. 

How can I continue to be informed about the latest news on the scheme?

General updates will be posted on this webpage and the Council's social media channels as appropriate.

How are the construction works in Phase 1 to be delivered?

It is proposed that works in Phase 1 will progress in the following order:

  1. Ground preparation works.

  2. Piling, foundation and drainage works.

  3. Steel frame and brickwork.

  4. Roof and wall cladding to building, external yard.

  5. Internal fit out and landscaping.

Will there be any impact on surrounding businesses during construction?

There will be an increased level of noise at the site whilst the initial ground remediation and piling works are completed.  These works will take place during the daytime, Monday to Friday only and are expected to be completed by mid December

We are reusing material from the site clearance and retaining this on site to try and assist the environment rather than importing materials on to site.  Unfortunately as we are crushing reinforced concrete, bricks and any obstructions found in the ground, the heavy plant involved in this process will create some noise and a degree of vibration.

Contact details:

Creation of the new entrances to the site will have no impact on other businesses or road users on Engine Shed Lane.

What road work is being delivered on Engine Shed Lane and Ings Lane?

A separate road works project is taking place on a similar time frame to improve access to Engine Shed Lane and Ings Lane for businesses and customers, including the ultimate aim of creating a new vehicular link to the A629 via the Wyvern Park development.

Further details on this scheme, including updates and contact information can be found at

How will the upcoming Local Government Reorganisation affect the scheme?

The Government has announced that from 1 April 2023 that the existing District Councils in North Yorkshire, including Craven District Council and North Yorkshire County Council will be abolished. The existing councils will be replaced by a single, new council for North Yorkshire.

It is anticipated that the construction works in Phase 1 will be completed prior to this date and should be unaffected by this change. Design works for Phase 2 will continue to be developed; responsibility for delivery may transfer to the new council for North Yorkshire.

It is expected that the assets and infrastructure owned by Craven District Council will be transferred to the new council for North Yorkshire.

How is the work being funded?

The scheme to develop new business units on the depot site forms part of the Skipton Employment and Housing Growth project and is funded in part by Growth Deal Funding allocated by York North Yorkshire and East Riding Local Enterprise Partnership (YNYER).

The waste management facilities are being funded through the Council’s capital programme.