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Green bin - Household waste

Find out what you can put in your green bin

The green bin is for general (non-recycling) refuse. Collection frequency is once every two weeks (alternate with your blue recycling bin).

All bins should be placed safely at the kerbside or designated collection point by 6:30am on the day of collection.

Coronavirus update

All waste collections are operating as normal. The government has issued guidance about the handling of waste, especially from households where someone has tested positive for, or is showing the symptoms of, the coronavirus.

Waste such as used tissues or cleaning cloths should now be double-bagged and be put aside for 72 hours before being put out for collection in the Green bin, even if you have a wheelie bin.

Tissues, kitchen roll, paper towels, hand wipes, nappies and sanitary products cannot be recycled and must go in the green household waste bins.

Collection point policy

Please note: we have a no side waste policy which means any waste that is placed alongside your bin will NOT be collected.  All refuse must be contained within your bin with the lid closed.  If you are on a sack collection, we will only collect our black coloured sacks.  Any additional waste can be taken to your local household waste sites, free of charge.

What not to put in the bin

The bin/bag is to only be used for waste that cannot be recycled or composted
Please do NOT put the following in your green bin or black sacks:

  • Building materials
  • Soil and rubble
  • Some types of clinical waste
  • Asbestos
  • Large bulky items (e.g. furniture)
  • Electrical items
  • Toxic/hazardous materials such as car batteries, motor oil, paint, corrosive materials
  • Hot ash (can go in the green bin once cooled and must be bagged)
  • Sawdust and dust (can go in the green bin and must be bagged)


Please note: the majority of the above items can be taken to your nearest household waste recycling centre, free of charge, however a charge will be made to dispose of builders' waste such as rubble, plasterboard, bricks, glass, soil, bathroom ceramics such as baths, toilets, tiles etc. Please see Household Waste - disposal sites for a full list of items which are now chargeable.

Safe disposal of ash and dust

For the safety of your collection crew and to help keep your neighbourhood clean, please do not place loose ash, cinders, vacuum cleaner contents or any other dusty materials in your green bin.

Loose ash or dust particles can be blown around when the bin is emptied, which can pose a health risk to our crews.

Please put any cold ash and vacuum cleaner contents in plastic bags and tie them tightly to prevent spillages before placing them in your green bin.  If any bins are found to contain loose ash or dust, the bin will not get emptied. All loose ash and dust must be removed before the next scheduled collection.

Requesting new/replacement bins

To request a green bin or report a missing or damaged bin, please complete our online form to request a replacement or contact Customer Services on 01756 700600. 

Please note that in cases where a green bin is a first issue, has been damaged, lost or stolen or where a property previously provided with a container no longer possesses a bin, it is Council's policy to make a charge for the bin. Repairs due to wear and tear will be done free of charge.

If you are moving into a new or previously empty property and wish to request commencement of waste and recycling collections, please contact Customer Services on 01756 700600.  You must be registered for Council Tax to be eligible for household waste and recycling collections.

Large families

If you need further help, arrangements can be made to help those who need a larger or extra green bin for their non-recyclable waste. An application form will need to be completed, and an assessment may be carried out before any extra or larger bins are issued. A larger bin will be considered for households with more than six persons permanently living at the property. To apply for a larger bin please download a form to request a larger binor contact our Customer helpline on 01756 700600.

Bulky Waste

For more information on bulky waste collections click here: Bulky waste - special collections for large items

HWRC and Bring Sites

For more information on Household Waste Recycling Centres and Bring Sites click here: Household waste recycling centres and bring sites