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Street cleansing in Clapham

Information on street cleansing in Clapham including routes and dates.

Street cleanses in Clapham are on a weekly schedule.

Roads and streets covered on the cleansing route are:

Station Road from By Pass to Beck Bridge (Riverside)
B6480 from Bypass to Station Road
B6480 from Station Road to Cross Haw Lane
Cross Haw Lane from Station Road to Old Road
B6480 from Cross Haw Lane to Station Road
Riverside from Station Road to Ivy Cottages
Riverside from Ivy Cottages to Station Road
The Green from Station Road to Gildersbank
The Green from Gildersbank to Car Park
Church Avenue from Station Road to Riverside
Car Park from Outside Perimeter
Car Park from Central Island
The Green from Car Park to Station Road
Station Road from The Green (Beck Bridge) to By Pass