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Street cleansing in Cracoe and Threshfield

Information on street cleansing in Cracoe and Threshfield including routes and dates.

Street cleanses in Cracoe and Threshfield are scheduled for the weeks commencing:

12 November 2018
24 December 2018
4 February 2019

Roads and streets covered on the cleansing route are:


B6265 Main Road through Cracoe


Skirethorns Lane to Rakes
Rakes to B6265
B6265 from Rakes to Wharfeside Avenue (via Piece Croft and Doctor Laithe)
Wharfeside Avenue from Calvert Laithe to Badger Gate to end
Wharfeside Avenue from B6265 to Piece Folds to end
B6265 from Piece Folds to High Bank to end
B6265 from High Bank to Rakes