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Street cleansing in Grassington

Information on street cleansing in Grassington including routes and dates.

Street cleanses in Grassington are scheduled for the weeks commencing:

12 November 2018
24 December 2018
4 February 2019

Roads and streets covered on the cleansing route are:

Sedber Lane
Hebden Road from Sedber Lane to Hardy Meadows
Hardy Meadows
Hebden Road from Hardy Meadows to Springfield Road
Hebden Road from Springfield Road to Main Street
Main Street from Hebden Road to Chamberend Fold
Main Street from Chamberend Fold to Station Road
Station Road from Main Street to Grassington Bridge
Station Road from Grassington Bridge to Raines Lane
Raines Lane
Station Road from Raines Lane to Wood Lane
Wood Lane from Station Road to Wharfe Lane
Wharfe Lane from Wood Lane to Raines Meadows to Wharfe View
Wharfe View to Raines Meadows to Raines Lea to Wharfe Lane
Wood Lane from Wharfe Lane to Hebden Road
Hebden Road from Wood Lane to Sedber Lane