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Street cleansing in Ingleton

Information on street cleansing in Ingleton including routes and dates.

Street cleanses in Bentham are on a weekly schedule.

Roads and streets covered on the cleansing route are:

Bank Top from New Road to Bell Horse Gate
Bell Horse Gate from Bank Top to Bank Bottom
Bank Bottom from Bell Horse Gate to Bank Top
Main Street from Bell Horse Gate to The Square
The Square
Main Street from The Square to Seed Hill
Main Street from The Square to Seed Hill
Seed Hill from Main Street to Blue Hall
Seed Hill from Uppergate to Main Street
Main Street from Seed Hill to Bank Top
Bank Top from Main Street to New Road
New Road from Bridge Hotel Opp to A687
Malt Dubbs Close from Laundry Lane to End
Croft Road from New Road to Laundry Lane
Laundry Lane from Croft Road to Bank Top
Laundry Lane from Bank Top to Back Gate
Back Gate from Laundry Lane to Burnmoor Crescent
Burnmoor Crescent from Back Gate to Car Park Footpath
Car Park Footpath
Burnmoor Crescent from Car Park Footpath to Burnmoor View
Burnmoor View from Burnmoor Crescent to Backgate
Backgate from Burnmoor View to Uppergate
2 Car Parks
Uppergate from Backgate to High Street
High Street from Uppergate to Old Road
Ingleborough Park Drive
High Street from Ingleborough Park Drive to Uppergate
Uppergate from High Street to Backgate
Backgate from Uppergate to Laundry Lane
Low Demesne
New Road from Bank Top to Laundry Lane
Laundry Lane from New Road to Croft Road
Croft Road from Laundry Lane to New Road
Laundry Lane from Tansey Terrace to Croft Close
Croft Close
Laundry Lane from Croft Close to Red Ash Lane
Red Ash Lane from Laundry Lane to Low Demesne
Laundry Lane from Red Ash Lane to New Village
New Village
New Road from Enter Lane to Bentham Lane