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Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP)

The Discretionary Housing Payment scheme may provide extra financial help with your rent if you receive Housing Benefit or the housing element of Universal Credit.

All payments made under this scheme are entirely discretionary and each case is assessed based on individual circumstances.

You can apply for Discretionary Housing Payments online via the EntitledTo service:

Apply for for Discretionary Housing Payments online 

Awards can be made to cover:

  • a shortfall between rent charged and benefit awarded;
  • a bond or payment of rent in advance;
  • removal costs if you move to a more appropriate property.

When Discretionary Housing Payments cannot be made

  • For water, heating, lighting, meals or other ineligible service charges included in your rent;
  • to cover any shortfall in your Housing Benefit due to an overpayment being recovered;
  • to pay an excessively high rent.

The decision making process

Applications are assessed by a Senior Officer who will write to you explaining their decision.  There is no appeal procedure against this decision but you can write and ask us to reconsider your application.  Any reconsideration request will be looked at by a different Senior Officer.

Please note that Discretionary Housing Payments are usually only awarded for a limited period and so should not be regarded as a long-term solution.  However, the original period may be extended, depending on the circumstances.


Download the Discretionary Housing Payments Scheme (PDF)