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Commencement of Building Works

What happens when work starts?

To ensure that your work is constructed in accordance with the Building Regulations we will send you a tailored 'program of inspections' for your project.  An example of which is below:- 

  • Commencement of Work
  • Excavation of Foundations before concreting
  • Foundation when constructed
  • Damp Proof Course when laid 
  • Radon Barriers, if applicable
  • Site concrete or floor slab (before being laid)
  • Drains laid (before backfilling)
  • Roof structure 
  • Occupation (in respect of new dwellings only)
  • Completion of Work (to be notified within 5 days of completion)

It is the applicants responsibility to ensure we are notified when a visit is required.  Where possible any statutory inspections require 24 hours notice except commencement which is 48 hours.

The inspections fee becomes payable following commencement (Full Plans only), we will request this by invoice.

Please contact the allocated officer on the direct line as provided in the acknowledgement letter or email the details to