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Engine Shed Lane and Ings Lane Highway Improvement Scheme

This webpage provides an introduction to the proposed project to upgrade Engine Shed Lane and Ings Lane to a standard suitable for adoption by the Local Highway Authority and create a new vehicular link to the A629 via the Wyvern Park development.

Latest News

Last Updated on 23 September 2020

The District Council has appointed WSP UK Ltd. to lead on the design, consents and management of the proposed works. In addition, contractors ‘Galliford Try’ have been selected to work with the District Council in ensuring the scheme is deliverable and ultimately construct the works.

WSP are currently working with agencies including the Environment Agency, North Yorkshire Highways to confirm the design for the works.

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Engine Shed Lane, Ings Lane and The Sidings Business Park is an employment area located to the west of Skipton and home to approximately 50 businesses from a range of sectors including manufacturing, construction and public services. The main access to the Estate is via Carleton New Road along Engine Shed Lane; an unadopted road owned by Craven District Council. The approach to the estate also requires all vehicles to travel through a series of residential areas and to negotiate a number of tight turns including multiple 90 and 180-degree bends.

Although employment activity and growth is vital to the success of Skipton, vehicle movements especially around Carleton New Road and Skipton Railway Station, require better management to provide a more attractive gateway to Skipton, provide opportunities for further improvement to the streetscape and future growth.

To address this issue Craven District Council has secured funding from the York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership to develop and implement a scheme that will make it easier for vehicular access to this industrial estate via the Wyvern Park development and the A629, Skipton bypass. In addition, improvements to Engine Shed Lane and Ings Lane will make the area safer, more attractive spaces for all.

Purpose of the Scheme

The purpose of this scheme is to: 

  • Address issues of poor vehicular access to Engine Shed Lane, Ings Lane and The Sidings Business Park.
  • Address the issues of water management along Ings Beck, which flows through the existing industrial estate adjacent to Ings Lane.


To support the above purposes additional works are also being implemented along Gallow Syke, a tributary of Ings Beck which flows through Aireville Park. Further information on this scheme can be found here: Gallow Syke Flood Water Management Scheme

Works to be Delivered 

Through the scheme the following is proposed to be delivered:

  • A new industrial road extending north west from the Wyvern Park development connecting with Ings Lane.
  • Culverting of Ings Beck where it runs adjacent to Ings Lane and the installation of additional infrastructure to better manage the flow of water within the industrial estate.
  • The widening of Ings Lane between the existing fence lines to create a 7.3m wide industrial road.
  • Improvement of Engine Shed Lane with a narrowed carriageway, installation of a footway, drainage, lighting and signage. 


The District Council’s consultants and contractors are currently considering the construction programme and phasing of the scheme. When this information is available this section of the website will be updated.

The works will be delivered in late 2020 and early 2021 to meet the requirements of the funding available for this scheme.

How will vehicular access to Engine Shed Lane work when the scheme is complete?

Following sign off and completion of the scheme it is proposed that all HGVs and the majority of other vehicles will access the Industrial Estate via the Wyvern Park link road and the A629, Skipton western bypass.

Engine Shed Lane, from the junction with The Sidings Business Park to immediately west of the Sandylands Sports Centre entrance will have physical restrictions only allowing access for light vehicles. This will be managed through two narrowing’s of the road with the overall width of Engine Shed Lane carriageway narrowed to accommodate a footway on the southern side of the road. 

Where can I view the proposed scheme for Engine Shed Lane and Ings Lane?

WSP are currently finalising the scheme design. The scheme drawings will be shared via this webpage once available.

What is being proposed with Ings Beck; the river that flows next to Ings Lane?

To provide the necessary width to upgrade Ings Lane it is proposed to culvert a 150m stretch of Ings Beck from near to the junction of Engine Shed Lane and Ings Lane extending downstream to immediately west of the PA Thorpe entrance.

To address the issue of water flowing along Ings Lane it is proposed to install a series of drains across the width of Ings Lane near the Craven District Council depot which will collect water flowing along the road and discharge it into the new culverted section.

What consents and permissions are required for this scheme?

The water management proposals within the scheme have been designed by WSP and will be submitted to the Environment Agency for a bespoke environmental permit. The purpose of this permit is to confirm that as a result of the proposal there will be no increased risk of flooding to premises along the beck.

How will access be maintained to businesses during construction?

WSP and Galliford Try are considering the phasing and approach to constructing the scheme. The contractor will aim to maintain vehicular access as much as possible with closures only taking place when absolutely necessary. Working and weekends and evenings is being considered.

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How is the work being funded?

The District Council has secured a Government ‘Local Growth Fund’ grant via the York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership to deliver the scheme. The work in this project forms part of the wider ‘Employment and Housing Growth in Skipton’ project.

How can I continue to be informed about the latest news on the scheme?

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