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North Parade

You are invited to tender for the project Two 3 Bedroom and Three 2 Bedroom Starter Homes at Land Adjacent 50 North Parade, Skipton, BD23 2SR.

Instructions for Tendering.

A copy of each of the following documents has been up-loaded onto the YORtender system.

Information documents, including site plans and design specifications are also available to download below.

1) Instructions for Tendering
2) Contract Data
3) The Contractors offer/ The Employer’ acceptance
4) Price list
5) Works Information
6) Site Information
7) The Tender Drawings listed in the schedule in the Works Information
8) The Supplemental Informative Documents referred to in the Site Information and/or the Works Information.

The relevant Tender Documents are to be completed and returned electronically via the YORtender system by 12 midday on Monday 30 September 2019.

Tenderers shall also include with their tender submission the following information:

1. The Contract Data
2. Price List
3. Contractor’s Offer
4. People overhead calculation
5. List of Intended Sub-Contractors and Suppliers (Instructions Appendix 2)
6. Contractor’s Design compliance confirmation.

7. Principal Designer’s preliminary Health & Safety File
8. Principal Contractor’s preliminary Construction Phase Plan
9. Outline Method Statement
10. Outline ‘Contractor’s Specification’ as detailed in the Works Information
11. Draft Programme for Execution of the Works included with the Contract
12. Details of the proposed team including CV’s
13. Details of the proposed design team including CV’s
14. Letter(s) of intent
15. Insurance details

With regard to items 7-15 above Tenderers are only required to submit with their tender those items that are being scored as part of a quality submission, if relevant. If and when required by the Employer the tenderer must provide the remaining information within five working days of being requested to do so, to enable the Employer to conclude the tender evaluation process:

Should you require any assistance with the YORtender system, User Guides are provided and can be found under the ‘Help’ function, which can be found in the top right hand corner. In addition, technical queries about the YORtender system can be e-mailed to or by calling 0844 5434580.

All tender queries must be directed through the ‘Discussions’ threads within the YORtender system.


Core Information

Additional Information