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Our gym will be closed for refurbishment from December 3rd until December 17th. All other services will be unaffected.

New Gym

Your new gym will feature over 60 stations of new Pulse Fitness cardio, strength, plate loaded, free weights and functional training.

Craven Leisure - new gym flythrough

Craven Leisure Gym - Functional training area


NEW! Dedicated functional training area featuring a ski-erg, curved treadmill, watt bike, air bike, many accessories and a bespoke training rig! Offering limitless workouts to assist with cardio, strength, flexibility and agility training.

Craven Leisure Gym - cardio area


Stay connected across our NEW cardio equipment. Each machine not only performs brilliantly but also features an 18.5” interactive screen with a range of entertainment and workout programs to keep you motivated.

Craven Leisure Gym - free weights area

Resistance, Plateloaded & Freeweights

A range of stylish strength and freeweight equipment designed with inclusivity, simplicity and comfort at the heart, to be suitable for all. Plus, olympic plate loaded equipment and two lifting platforms for the more advanced member.

Pulse Move

Pulse Move is a simple to use free digital fitness tracker. We currently have a basic version of this in the gym.

The new version of the Pulse Move System which is being installed in February offers a number of additional features including contactless connectively and the tracking of activities inside and outside the gym. It also enables you to view personalised work our plans and training information and equipment training aids and guides. 

Pulse Move video explainer


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Craven Leisure Gym - proposed new layout

Question and Answers

How long is the gym closed for?

For 2 weeks from the 3rd December.

We have picked December to do the refurbishment to minimise disruption as this is the quietest time of year in the gym.

Members will be invited to come along to a VIP pre-opening event on the 16th December so that they can have a look round the gym and try out the new kit.

Will spin and exercise classes still run as normal when the gym is closed?

Yes, there will be no disruption to classes in the spin and exercise studios. We will be adding extra classes during the refurbishment for gym members. We’ll provide details on the gym noticeboard from the 26th November. If you require any further information about the additional classes, speak to a member of our gym team.

Will you be providing refunds on memberships due to the gym being closed?

No, we will not be providing refunds.

Our full membership package provides members with access to a wide range of alternative activities including:

  • a full programme of over 80 classes per week including Studio, Hydro and spin classes.
  • access to our 25 metre swimming pool. Use our swim fit cards to give you a new type of workout. Water fitness is completely different to land based fitness and you’ll be working muscles you never knew you had
  • Relax in our health suite which includes a sauna and steam room
  • In addition, gym users will have access to a programme of additional exercise and spin classes whilst the gym is closed. Details of the additional classes will be provided on the gym noticeboard from the 26th November.


While our gym is closed you can visit other gym and fitness facilities nearby via the Active Network scheme.

We’ll revert back to our normal programme of classes when the new gym re-opens.

Will the cost of my membership go up to cover the cost of the refurbishment?

No, there will be no price increase to current members.

Prices for new memberships will increase as normal on April 1st along with the prices for the other services that we offer.

Will someone be available to show me how to use the new gym equipment?

When we re-open our team of fitness professionals will be on hand to show you how to safely and effectively use the new equipment. Our staff are always on hand to show old and new customers how to safely use the equipment so please don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. That’s what we are here for.

We will have a small selection from the range of new equipment in our reception area from the 3rd December whilst the gym is closed and there will be a member of staff available to show you how to use the new kit, so pop down and give it a try.

Will I need to have a new induction before being able to use the equipment?

No, we’ll just need to show you the new layouts of the equipment and our staff will be on hand to show you how to use the new equipment.

If you would prefer to have a refresher induction, you can book a gym induction online, by phone or with a member of our fitness team, for when the gym re-opens.

Do I continue to use my membership card to access the machines in the gym?

Yes, you can continue to use your membership card and there will be no immediate change.

We will be upgrading the basic Pulse Move system that we have to a new Pulse Move system on the 17th December which will track both your gym and outdoor exercise via the PulseMove app.

What is Pulse Move?

Pulse Move is a simple to use free digital fitness tracker. We currently have a basic version of this in the gym.

The new version of the Pulse Move System which is being installed in December (new pulse move app with tracking of inside and outside of gym will work and customer personal device login will work from 17th December). This enables you to view personalised work out plans and training information and equipment training aids and guides. Click on the video for more information on Pulse move.

In February 2019 new contactless technology will be installed on cardio and resistance machines for quicker, easier login and saving of your workout results. Prior to this our staff will need to attach a chip to your membership card and connect your card to the new contactless system.

It also enables you to view personalised work our plans and training information and equipment training aids and guides.

When can I start to use Pulse Move and do I need to register?

The new system will be available to use in December. Current members of Craven Leisure gym will receive a username and password via email if and when your email address is registered with us.

Once you have received your password simply follow the link, enter your NEW username and password and follow the onscreen instructions and your Pulse Move account will be set up and activated.

To continue to use your membership card to use the contactless equipment in February, we will also need to attach a new chip to your card. A member of the fitness team can do this for you from the 17th December in preparation for when the new contactless system goes live in February.

What should I do if I don’t receive a username and password?

Please check your Junk Mail or Spam folder and ask the fitness team to check that your email address has been correctly added to the system.

Or alternatively you can sign up at and download the Pulse Move app from the App Store (Apple) or the Play Store (Android devices)

If you want to use Pulse Move at home you can access this on any device with an internet connection.

I would like to join the gym. What do I need to do?

Simply join online or complete the joining paperwork at the leisure centre.

Inductions are advisory for all customers but are not mandatory, although you will still be required to complete a health declaration. If you would like to book an induction you can do this on-line, by phone or speak to a member of our fitness team. We recommend you do this to get the best out of your workouts and to register for PulseMove account

Am I tied into a contract when I sign an agreement?

We have a wide range of membership options to suit everyone’s needs from a loyalty membership which provides a discount for members who sign up to a 12 month contract, to monthly non-contract memberships. Alternatively, if you don’t want to tie yourself in to a membership you can just pay as you go to use our facilities.