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Health & Safety Inspections & Enforcement

Environmental Health is responsible for carrying out health and safety inspections and the investigation of complaints and accidents at commercial premises in the district.

Health and safety at work legislation is designed to protect the employer, self-employed, employees, contractors, customers and visitors to the Craven District from any dangers arising out of a work activity.

Inspections will primarily concentrate on how businesses manage risks from those activities most likely to kill, injure and/or make people ill at work. These include falls from height, workplace transport, slips and trips, musculoskeletal disorders and workplace stress.

Inspections will also address any other immediately obvious matters (priority topics) which could cause serious injury or ill health. For more information on priority topic activities and hazards please visit the Health and Safety Executive website.

What happens during an inspection?

Inspections are carried out on a routine basis, usually without prior notification, and the high-risk premises are visited more frequently.

Officers will inspect the hazards in the workplace, work activities and examine how you manage health and safety, to check that you are complying with health and safety law. They will also look at the level of health and safety training of managers and staff to ensure that it is adequate.

Inspectors may offer you guidance or advice to help you comply with the law.


What happens if my premises is below standards?

Where conditions or work practices fall short of what is regarded as satisfactory, we will attempt to resolve the situation informally, if this is not possible, or if the danger is of high-risk to personal injury, then formal action will be taken either in the form of a legal notice, prosecution, or prohibition notice, where immediate action must be taken (this usually occurs when a serious personal accident has taken place).


Enforcement Action

Certain information relating to enforcement action is available to the public.

The Health and Safety Executive maintains online databases for

We also keep a public register of all health and safety enforcement notices which were served for issues relating to persons other than just employees.

Requests for information relating to any on-going criminal investigations are likely to be refused.

Prior to taking enforcement action we have to refer to the following HSE guidance:

We are committed to the principles of the Regulators Code and have an Enforcement Policy which sets out our approach to all enforcement work.

If you believe that any advice or enforcement we have given is incorrect then you should contact the inspecting officer.

The HSE also operates an independent Regulatory Challenge Panel who can be contacted should you remain unhappy after discussing the issue with us.


Prosecutions Register

Details of prosecutions can be obtained from the Health & safety Executive's public register of convictions website.

HSE Prosecutions Register is the national independent watchdog for work-related health, safety and illness.

HSE Prosecutions Register are an independent regulator and act in the public interest to reduce work-related death and serious injury across Great Britain's workplaces.