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Craven District Council

Elsey Croft, SKIPTON

Expected to be available Spring 2018.

Elsey Croft, SKIPTON

Expected to be available Spring 2018!

elsey croft

The homes are expected to be available between in Spring 2018 and will be rented and sold through Yorkshire Housing. There will be a total of 12 x 1 and 2 bed properties available on a rented basis and a total of 12 x 2 bed homes  and 6 x 3 bed homes available on a shared ownership basis.


The rental properties available will be as follows:

  • 6 x 1 bed flats - expected rent per week is £80.52.
  • 4 x 2 bed flats - expected rent per week is  £97.46
  • 2 x 2 bed house - expected rent per week is £97.81

The rental homes will be advertised on North Yorkshire Home Choice when they become available. It is recommended that you check North Yorkshire Homechoice on a weekly basis in order to place a bid on the property when it is advertised.

Prices for the shared ownership homes will be made available direct from Yorkshire Housing and will be dependant on the ability of the individual purchaser to obtain a mortgage and also the level of deposit available.


In order to qualify for the rented homes:

  • You must be a person or household in housing need for a property of the type and size in question and who is unable to afford to rent or purchase a dwelling of a similar kind on the open market in Craven.
  • You must be registered with North Yorkshire Home Choice.

In order to qualify for these properties you must have a local connection:

  •  Has lived in the search area for 3 years out of the preceding 5
  •  Has previously lived in the search area for 20 years or half the person's lifetime (subject to a minimum of 10 years)
  •  Has immediate family (mother, father, brother or sister) who have lived in the search area for a continuous period of 10 years or more
  •  Has undertaken regular, permanent employment throughout the last 6 months with a company within the search area and needs to move to continue employment. The company must have been established for 3 years or more and the employment is for 30 hours minimum per week.

The search area is defined as Skipton in the first instance but in the event that no one with a local connection can be found - then the search will cascade out to the whole of Craven.

In order to qualify for the shared ownership homes:

  •  You must be registered with Help to Buy
  • For further details on the shared ownership properties please contact Leanne Morgan @ Yorkshire Housing on 0113 8256214.

What to do next

If you are interested in renting these properties you MUST:

  1. Register for North Yorkshire Home Choice
  2. Express your interest in renting the property by placing a bid via North Yorkshire Home Choice 

If you are interested in purchasing these properties you MUST:

  1. Complete a shared ownership application for on
  2. Contact Yorkshire Housing on 0113 8256214.