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Adapting your home

You may wish to adapt your home, for example adding stair lifts, ramps and level access showers.

Disabled Facilities Grants are available to people who have a disability or medical condition and their home needs to be adapted in some way so that they can get around the home with as much ease, comfort and independence as possible.  It is a mandatory grant of up to £30,000 awarded by Craven District Council, following referral from North Yorkshire County Council's Health & Adult Services Team.

Most commonly the grant pays for stair lifts, level access showers and ramps - but also covers extensions to the home where there isn't enough space to facilitate the disabled person's needs. If you or someone you provide care for are struggling to get around the home contact NYCC on 01609 780780 to arrange an assessment of your needs.

To find out more about this grant, please click here or contact Nina Pinder - Craven District Council Tel: 01756 706392