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Craven District Council

Severe Weather Emergency Protocol

This page details the arrangements at Craven District Council to help people sleeping rough, in severe weather. These arrangements are contained within our Severe Weather Emergency Protocol 2015.

Craven District Council's Severe Weather Emergency Protocol is triggered:

  • during  the period 1st December to 31st March and
  • when the night time temperature is predicted to be zero degrees or below for three consecutive nights

In addition, the Housing Options Manager has the discretion to trigger the protocol outside of the protocol period and in the event of other exceptional severe weather conditions i.e. major flood, storms etc where there may be risk to life.

We will provide Homeless Hostel or Bed & Breakfast Accommodation for a maximum period of 3 days. During that time we will make arrangements for a housing benefit application to be made to offset the charge of the accommodation. We will seek to engage with the person in accordance with our No Second Night Out Offer to address any underlying causes of their homelessness situation. We will also ask our partners Skipton Baptist Church to provide a food hamper, if appropriate.

The accommodation will be on a daily license. Only one period of accommodation per client will be provided during the protocol period. After the initial three days, accommodation will only be provided if one of the following applies:

a) The client agrees to work with us to help them off the street under the No Second Night Out/Craven District Council Rough Sleeper Pathway - we will continue to accommodate until a Single Service Offer is made or

b) The client makes a homeless application - we will continue to accommodate under s188 of the Housing Act 1996 while enquiries are made into their homeless application and a decision is made.

In either case, the client must engage with the support provided and not commit any breach of licence conditions.


For further information, please call Craven District Council's Housing Options team on 01756 706475 during office hours.

To report a Rough Sleeper out of hours please ring:

a) The national Rough Sleeper telephone line 0300 500 0914    or

b) Craven's Out of Hours telephone line delivered by Ryecare  on  01653 699392