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Sheltered housing

Sheltered housing is accommodation especially designed and built with the needs of elderly people in mind. It may also be appropriate for younger people who have a physical disability.

sheltered housing logoSheltered, retirement and warden-assisted housing are all terms used to describe sheltered accommodation.

The properties are usually self-contained flats or bungalows with the services of a warden, a visiting warden and/or emergency alarms.  

Dwellings can be rented, part bought or bought entirely. 


Sheltered housing in Craven

Sheltered housing can be managed by a housing association, specialist organisation or a private company and is for people who want to maintain independence but have the reassurance of help in an emergency.

Sheltered housing in Craven is provided by housing associations (social landlords) and as the case with all social housing in Craven, demand outstrips availability.

The following organisations provide sheltered housing in Craven:

Please also see our Extra Care housing web page for further information on housing for older persons.

What to do next

Most sheltered housing is allocated in the same way as other social housing and you will need to register with North Yorkshire Home Choice in order to apply for properties in Craven and the wider area of North Yorkshire.

Please visit the web page "How to apply for social housing" for further details on the steps to be taken in order to make an application for social housing in Craven.