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Craven District Council

Licensing Policy

This Statement of Licensing Policy is intended to aid applicants, residents, local businesses, the Responsible Authorities, Licensing Authority and any other persons in to understanding the licensing process in Craven.

The current Statement of Licensing Policy was adopted by Craven District Council on 22nd February 2022.

The Council's vision is "for Craven to be a prosperous place with strong, vibrant and diverse communities."

When reading this Policy it is important to remember that it relates to a wide range of activities and not just consumption of alcohol, for example theatres, cinemas, late night hot food takeaways and diverse cultural entertainments.

This document sets out the position and view of the Licensing Authority in respect of matters in connection with the discharge of its licensing functions.

The document is not a full and authoritative statement of the Law or statutory guidance and does not constitute professional or legal advice.