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Temporary Event Notice

Guidance and advice on how to submit a Temporary Event Notice

A Temporary Event Notice is required before carrying out licensable activity on unlicensed premises, or when the activity is outside the scope of an existing premises licence, for example, holding a wedding reception at a community centre.

If you're organising a temporary event and want to serve or sell alcohol, provide late night refreshment, or put on regulated entertainment such as live music, dancing or indoor sporting events, you'll need to complete a Temporary Event Notice.

Submit a Temporary Event Notice


Does my event need a Temporary Event Notice?

Licence required

Licence not required

Any event, private or public with a cash bar, including private parties and weddings

A raffle or tombola with alcohol in sealed containers, as a prize

An event where alcohol is included in the ticket price

An event where people bring their own alcohol and there is no corkage fee

Late night refreshment - the sale of hot food and/or hot drinks between 11pm and 5am

A private event where alcohol is provided free of charge

Any event with entertainment such as a disco, band where the aim of the event is to make profit

A private event with entertainment such as a disco or band where the aim of the event isn’t to make profit

A cinema or film showing – films are licensable entertainment unless the films are purely educational


A theatre or ballet show


This list is not exhaustive, please contact us if you have any questions

What are the restrictions of a TEN?

The event must

  • Have a maximum of 499 people attending at all times including staff running the event
  • Last no more than 168 hours (7 days)


There must be at least 24 hours between temporary events organised by the same person.

How much does it cost?

It costs £21 per TEN

How far in advance do I have to tell you?

There are two types of TEN:

  • a standard TEN, which is given at least 10 clear working days before the event – this does not include the day we receive the application or the day of the event.
  • a late TEN, which is given between 9 and 5 clear working days before the event.


If there are fewer than five clear working days before the event, you cannot submit a TEN.

Am I eligible to apply?

You must be over 18 in order to hold a temporary event.

If you have a personal licence, you can give 50 TENs a year – 10 of these can be late TENs.

If you don't have a personal licence you can give 5 TENs a year- 2 of these can be late TENs.

Any premises, indoor or outdoor, can only be used for 12 temporary events per year, up to a total maximum of 21 days.

How do I apply?

You can apply and pay online for a TEN using this form

If you can’t apply online, please contact us by email at

What happens after I apply?

If you don’t apply online, you will also need to notify North Yorkshire Police and Environmental Health – if you apply online, we will notify them on your behalf

  • Alcohol Licensing Unit, North Yorkshire Police, Fulford Road, York, YO10 4BY
  • Environmental Health,1 Belle Vue Square, Broughton Road, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 1FJ.


Authorised Police and Environmental Health officers can send objections to Licensing and the premises user if they believe that the event could undermine any of the Licensing Objectives or:

  • lead to crime and disorder
  • cause a public nuisance
  • be a threat to public safety
  • put children at risk of harm.


They must object within 3 working days of receiving the TEN.

What happens if there are objections?

If it is not a late TEN, mediation can take place between the Police and/or Environmental Health and the premises user.  The TEN can be modified and the responsible authority will advise Licensing and it will be deemed that the objection has been lifted.

If there is no mediation or the responsible authority and the premises user cannot reach agreement, Licensing must hold a hearing for the matter to be determined by Members of the Council’s Licensing Sub-Committee.  The Committee can determine whether to apply existing conditions from a Premises Licence to a TEN if it fulfils the licensing objectives.

If a late TEN, and there are objections there will be no hearing and there is no right of appeal and you cannot hold the event.

We will issue a counter notice to if a TEN does not fulfil event criteria, for example, if the permitted number of TENs at a premise has been exceeded.  We will also serve a counter notice for a late TEN if we receive an objection from North Yorkshire Police or Environmental Health.  We will serve this at least 24 hours before the event is due to start.

What happens if I disagree with the objection?

If you disagree with the Licensing Sub-Committee’s decision, you can appeal to your local magistrates’ court. You must do this within 21 days, and at least 5 working days before the date of your event.

What happens if there are no objections?

If there are no objections and you have not heard from us within 3 working days to say otherwise, you can go ahead with the temporary event – this is called tacit consent.


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