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Craven District Council

Statement of Principles

Our current Statement of Principles adopted by Craven District Council on 4th August 2015.

The Gambling Act 2005 transferred the responsibility for the licensing of gambling premises from the Magistrates to Licensing Authorities (Craven District Council).

The Licensing Authority is required to prepare and publish every 3 years a Statement of Principles, which it proposes to apply when exercising its functions under the Act.

The current Statement of Principles was adopted by Craven District Council on 4th August 2015.

This Statement, like its predecessors is based on the nationally accepted template produced by the Local Authorities Co-ordinators of Regulatory Services, now Local Government Regulation. This is the local government central body responsible for overseeing local authority regulatory and related services in the UK. The number of premises in this district which currently require licensing is three.