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CCTV in Hackney and Private Hire Taxis

Known Suppliers of CCTV 

Taxi Cameras (CCTV) are mandatory for any new vehicle which has a licence granted on or after 1st January 2021 and will be required to have cameras installed from the 1st January 2021. All current licensed vehicles will require cameras installed, by 1st January 2022. If you wish to install cameras before the new implementation date the specification that must be met can be found here

The camera system must meet the standards set by the Council.

Prices and payment terms vary, depending on the system purchased. Applicants should make enquiries with several suppliers before deciding on a system.

You may source your own systems – but it must meet or exceed the Council's requirements. It's a good idea to ask the Council to verify that the system meets these requirements before it is purchased.

Safe systems CCTV ltd

Contact Details:

Unit 12, New Hall Hey Business Park,
Rawtenstall, Rossendale,
Lancs, BB4 6HL

Tel: 01706 551212

System includes:

One internal camera with night vision

One forward facing camera for insurance

A monitor to act as health indicator and visible deterrent for passengers

Minimum 30 day recording cycle and 2 year guarantee.

Fitted by Safe systems:

£500 Inclusive of VAT

Transfer the system to another vehicle: £150

Finance Available: Yes

AC Security Solutions Ltd

Head office Contact Details: 020 8391 8360


Unit 4 Sowerby Bridge Business Park
Victoria Road

Tel: 01422 839764 

2 Cameras £520 + VAT

4 Cameras £630 +VAT

Transfer of system to another vehicle: £100

Leasing and or Financing Available: Yes

MCD Security System Ltd

Contact Details: St Johns Court, 5 Square Street. Bradford, BD4 7NP,

Tel: 01274 449 786

£450 for the 2 cameras, this includes 1 forward facing camera for insurance purposes 

Transfer of system to another vehicle: £150

Leasing and or Financing Available: Yes

The vehicle’s Taxi Cameras must be operational at all times when the vehicle is acting as a hackney carriage/private hire vehicle – this includes when going to collect a fare and there are no passengers in the vehicle or returning from a drop off.  Please note that sound/audio is not routinely recorded – this is optional at all times and can be activated when desired/necessary either by the driver or by the passenger (it will be evident to either party if sound recording has been activated as a light will illuminate).  Please note that as Craven District Council is the Data Controller of all recordings, only officers will have access to the recordings .  Recordings will only be accessed in certain circumstances such as the event of any complaint/dispute/accident or subject access request (see the Taxi Policy Appendix S). 

The system must be maintained by the proprietor and any failure in the system must be reported to Craven District Council Licensing in writing within 24 hours, detailing the date and time when the system was found to not be operational

The driver must maintain a record on the daily vehicle inspection sheet indicating the system has been checked and is operational. They must alert the proprietor of the vehicle immediately upon discovery of any non-working system.

Where a proprietor has notified the licensing department in writing and within 24 hours of the recording system not working and provides evidence of an appointment with a CCTV engineer, a vehicle may continue to be used, if the recording system will be fixed within 5 working days of the unit not working. Unless indicated otherwise by an authorised Council officer.

Failure to notify the department of non-working equipment will result in will receive penalty points against their Craven District Council Licence in line with the penalty points scheme.