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CCTV in Hackney and Private Hire Taxis

Known Suppliers of CCTV 

From September 1st 2020 Taxi Cameras (CCTV) will be mandatory in all licensed vehicles. The specification that must be met can be found here 

The camera system must meet the standards set by the Council.

Prices and payment terms vary, depending on the system purchased. Applicants should make enquiries with several suppliers before deciding on a system.

You may source your own systems – but it must meet the Council's requirements. It's a good idea to ask the Council to verify that the system meets these requirements before they buy it.


Organisation: Safesystem CCTV Ltd

Contact Details: 01706 551212

Leasing and or Financing Available: Yes

Fitted by Safesystem:

Unit 12, New Hall Hey Business Park,
Rawtenstall, Rossendale,
Lancs, BB4 6HL

2 Cameras £500 + VAT

Local installation by AD Motors

ADT Motors Central Garage,

Unit 2, Devonshire Place, Skipton BD23 2LR

01756 228 365

Costs an additional £100

£620 if fitted by Ad Motors

Transfer the system to another vehicle: £150

AC Security Solutions Ltd

Head office Contact Details: 020 8391 8360

Units Can be fitted by: Skipton Car Radio


Unit 4 Sowerby Bridge Business Park
Victoria Road

01422 839764 

2 Cameras £520 + VAT

4 Cameras £630 +VAT

Transfer of system to another vehicle: £100

Leasing and or Financing Available: Yes

MCD Secruity System Ltd

Contact Details: St Johns Court, 5 Square Street. Bradford, BD4 7NP,

01274 449 786

£450 for the 2 cameras, this includes 1 forward facing camera for insurance purposes 

Transfer of system to another vehicle: £150

Leasing and or Financing Available: Yes