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Hackney Carriage Table of Fares

Hackney Carriage Table of Fares effective from 25 May 2022

The Council has published a new table of fares for Hackney Carriages licensed by the Council taking effect from 25th May 2022. A copy can be found here. The Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 provides that in respect of the charges for Hackney Carriages, the Council “may fix the rates or fares within the district as well for time as distance, and all other charges in connection with the hire of a vehicle…by means of a table.”

This is the first request made by the trade to increase fares for 12 years. The fares comprise of increased charges for all charges of approximately 33% and the inclusion of a new tariff for vehicles carrying 5 or more passengers during the festive period. Each tariff compromises of an initial charge ‘flag drop’ for the hire of the vehicle which is due regardless of the distance travelled, then an additional charge for the distance travelled after the flag drop.

Approximate Journey Cost 

Distance - Miles

Previous Fare (£)

New Fare (£)
















The proposed changes to the tariff of fares only impacts Craven District Council Hackney Carriages. Private Hire Vehicles may determine their own fares.

The meter in the vehicle must be used for all journeys, including pre-booked fares. If a call out charge is to be made, the customer must be informed in advance and charged as per the table of fares through the meter in the vehicle. If a journey is to finish outside the district of Craven the journey must still be charged on the meter, up and until the boundary. If the customer is notified before the commencement of the journey, it is permissible to agree a pre agreed fare beyond the boundary of Craven to the destination. 

The below table outlines what the approximate cost would be for a journey under tariff 1 from Skipton Bus Station to varying locations in the District. Tariff one is the 'day time' rate 0601hrs to 2359hrs when carrying 4 or less passengers. The costs are approximate only and can vary subject to a number of external factors. 

Skipton Bus Station to;  Distance Yards Distance mile Cost (£)
Skipton Hospital  704 0.4 4.00
Skipton Train Station  880 0.5 4.13
Gargrave Co op 8624 4.9 12.71
Grassington Setts  16720 9.5 21.55
Settle, town hall  28512 16.2 34.68
Malham, vistor centre 19888 11.3 25.06
Coniston Hotel  13200 7.5 17.65
Morrisons 704 0.4 4.00
Co-op Crosshills 8448 4.8 12.45
Aldi, Skipton 2640 1.5 6.08
jenny gill cresent, Skipton  1584 0.9 4.91
Shortbank Road (top of) 1760 1 5.04
Raikes Road (top of) 1584 0.9 4.91
Skipton Golf Club 2816 1.6 6.21
Rendezvous Hotel  2464 1.4 5.82

For information on staying safe when using Taxis please see: Craven District Council : Staying Safe: Guidance for Passengers (

If you have concerns regarding your use of a Taxi please see:Craven District Council : Taxi Complaints (

Any enquiries about the table of fares can be made to the Licensing Team. 

01756 700600