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Affordable Housing Statement

When is a Affordable Housing Statement required?

When affordable housing is proposed.

What is required?

Either - A written statement including a site plan showing the number and location of residential units (incl. number of bedrooms and floor space of units) and the mix of housing type e.g. affordable housing, local needs housing and any market housing. In addition, please provide details where a vacant building is to be reused or redeveloped on the site.  If different levels or types of affordability or tenure are proposed for different units this should be clearly and fully explained. The affordable housing statement should also include details of the mechanism that will be used to secure affordability in perpetuity for local people at an affordable cost e.g. involving a registered social landlord such as a Housing Association or Trust.

Or – details of a commuted sum and how it has been calculated.

Where a variation to the affordable housing requirement is sought, or the level of affordable housing provision on site or a financial off site contribution is less than the commensurate to the site, a viability assessment must be submitted to the Council alongside any planning application.  To allow the Council to assess the viability information submitted, the appraisal will be sent to an independent valuation advisor.  The cost of the assessment by an independent valuation advisor will be met by the developer.

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