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Craven District Council

Please note: Public Access, our online planning applications database, will be unavailable between 8AM and 4PM Thursday 24 January 2019

Planning decisions and appeals

View planning decisions and appeals and all current planning applications within the Craven area.

The Council will reach a decision on whether to approve or refuse an application. If an application to carry out works is not determined within a set time period, or if you get a decision from your Local Planning Authority that you disagree with, you have a right to appeal.

Decision Notices

The Decision Notice is the formal decision of the Council on whether to approve or refuse an application. The Council's Planning Application Database provides a summary of decisions that have been taken. For applications that have been determined after April 2012 a full copy of the formal decision notice is also available to download.

For decisions issued prior to April 2012 a copy of the notice can be requested by emailing, please ensure you include the Decision Notice Reference Number and confirmation of the application site address.

If you do not have the reference number we may need to carry out a non-standard search which we will have to charge for. We will need the full postal address and a site location plan with the property/site area indicated in red. Alternatively, you can visit our offices to view the planning registers for no charge. We would need advance warning to ensure the electronic register is free for inspection.

For any request received we endeavour to respond to you within 5 working days.

Planning Appeals

If you get a decision from your Local Planning Authority that you disagree with, you have a right to appeal.

You can appeal to the First Secretary of State, who will appoint an inspector to make a decision on your appeal.

You may choose one of the following ways to proceed:

Written representations - where the applicant (or their agent) submits the planning case in writing.
Local hearing - where the applicant (or agent) submits the case to an appointed inspector, but conducted in fairly informal surroundings and manner.
Inquiry - where (generally) an agent will present your case in a far more formal manner. The proceedings are similar to a court of law.
You can find out more about the appeals process or make an on-line planning appeal by accessing the National Planning Portal.

Viewing recent planning appeals

Recently Received Planning Appeals can be viewed on the Planning Portal, a government website.