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Enforcement Register 2010 - 2014

Enforcement Register 2010 - 2014

A planning enforcement notice imposes a continuing obligation on the owner or the occupier of the land to comply with the requirements of the notice. A planning enforcement notice is not discharged by compliance.

This means the requirements of a planning enforcement notice will revive automatically if the unauthorised activity to which it relates starts again.

Case Reference: 1602/2013
Date Issued: 18th February 2014
Omar Khans, Keighley Road, Skipton, BD23 2TA

Download Enforcement Notice - 1602/13

Case Reference: 1519/2013
Date Issued: 5th March 2013
1 The Green, Settle, BD24 9HL

Download Enforcement Notice 1519/13

Case Reference: 1323/2012
Date Issued: 7th August 2013
Kelber Hill Farm, Broughton Road, Gargrave, BD23 3PD

Download Enforcement Notice 1323/12 

Case Reference: 1155/11
Date Issued: 19th June 2013
11 Main Street, Ingleton

Download Section 215 Notice 1155/11

Case Reference: 1277/12
Date Issued: 14th June 2013
Land at Gallaber Caravan Park, Long Preston, Skipton, BD23 1NJ (identified as 'Area D' on planning application 52/2009/9332)

Download Enforcement Notice 1277/12

Case Reference: 587/09
Date Issued: 15th March 2013
Town End Farm, Colne Road, Glusburn, BD20 8PL

Download Section 215 Notice 587/09

Case Reference: 1100/2011
Date Issued: 4th March 2013
Lower Lingah Barn, Cononley Road, Glusburn, BD20 8BD
Appeal Decision: n/a

Download Enforcement Notice 1100/2011

Case Reference: 1291/2012
Date Issued: 8th January 2013
The Bungalow, The Coach House, Carla Beck Lane, Carleton, BD23 3BU
Appeal Decision: n/a

Download Enforcement Notice 1291/2012

Case Reference: 1096/2011
Date Issued: 21st December 2012
Simply Spicy, 8 - 10 The Square, Ingleton
Appeal Decision: n/a

Download Breach of Condition Notice 1096/2011

Case Reference: 1054/2011
Date Issued: 10 September 2012
Wood Top Farm, West Lane, Sutton-in-Craven, BD20 7BA
Appeal Decision: n/a

Download Listed Building Enforcement Notice 1054/2011
Download Variation Notice 1054/2011

Case Reference 1076/2011 - Notice 4
Date Issued: 5 September 2012
Gatehouse Barn, Ingleton, Carnforth, Lancaster, LA6 3NR
Appeal Decision: n/a

Download Gatehouse Barn Enforcement Notice 1076/2011 2
Download Gatehouse Barn Enforcement Notice 1076/2011 3
Download Gatehouse Barn Enforcement Notice 1076/2011 4
Download Relaxation notice Gatehouse Barn 1076/2011

Case Reference: 0894/2010
Date Issued: 28 September 2012
Stunstead, Long Lane, Cowling, BD22 0LD
Appeal Decision: n/a

Download Stunstead Quarry Enforcement Notice 0894/2010
Download Stunstead Quarry Variation of Notice 0894/2010
Download Stunstead Quarry Enforcement Notice 2 0894/2010

Case Reference: 0932/2010
Date Issued: 26 September 2012
Old Hall, College Road, Bradley, Nr Keighley, BD20 9DT
Appeal Decision: n/a

Download Old Hall Enforcement Notice 0932/2010

Case Reference: 1134/2011
Three Sheep Tea Rooms, 78 High Street (15 Sheep Street), Skipton. North Yorkshire, BD23 1JJ

Download Three Sheep Enforcement Notice 1134/2011
Download Three Sheep Appeal Decision 1134/2011

Case Reference: 914/10
Date Issued: 8 May 2012
Taste, 34 Swadford Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 1RD
Appeal Decision: n/a
Status: Enforcement notice was complied with (visit undertaken 07/11/2012)

Download Taste Enforcement Notice 914/10

Case Reference: 1133/2011
Date Issued: 13 December 2011
Caffe Nero 40 - 42 Sheep Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 1HY

Download Caffe Nero Enforcement Notice 1133/11
Download Appeal Decision Caffe Nero 1133/11

Case Reference: 281/08
Date Issued: 2 March 2011
Land at Turnerford Fold, Cottage Meadow field number 3428, Keasden, Clapham, LA2 8EX

Download Turnerford Fold Enforcement Notice 281/08 
Download Turnerford Fold Variation of Enforcement Notice 281/08
Appeal Decision
Download Turnerford Fold Appeal Decision 281/08

Case Reference: 643/09
Date Issued: 25 May 2011
Former Mercedes Garage, Old Road, Clapham
Appeal Decision: N/A

Download S215 Notice 643/09

Case Reference: 863/10
Date Issued: 3 March 2011
Long Syke Edge Farmhouse, Cowling, Keighley, BD22 0LL
Appeal Decision: N/A

Download Enforcement Notice 863/10

Case Reference: 588/09
Date Issued: 18 February 2011
Outlaithe Meadow, Outlaithe Farm, Lothersdale, BD20 8HL.
Appeal Decision: N/A

Download Enforcement Notice 588/09

Case Reference: 399/05
Date Issued: 20 January 2011
Fogga Farm, Coniston Cold, Skipton.
Appeal Decision: N/A

Download Fogga Farm Enforcement Notice 399/05
Download Fogga Farm Formal Notice of Relaxation of an Enforcement Notice 399/05
Download Fogga Farm Formal Notice of Relaxation of Enforcement Notice 399/05

Case Reference: 829/10
Date Issued: 13 December 2010
Land at Browside Farmhouse, Woodside Lane, Cononley, Keighley.
Appeal Decision: N/A

Download Land at Browside Farmhouse Enforcement Notice 829/10

Case Reference: 506/09
Date Issued: 24 November 2010
21 Tarn Moor Crescent, Skipton.
Appeal Decision: N/A

Download Enforcement Notice 21 Tarn Moor Crescent 506/09

Case Reference: 531/09
Date Issued: 5 November 2010
Field at Thornton-in-Lonsdale known as Docklands, Ingleton.
Appeal Decision: N/A

Download Enforcement Notice 5 November 2010 531/09
Download Relaxation Notice  5 November 2010 531/09

Case Reference: 621/09
Date Issued: 27 October 2010
Land at Units 4a - 4e Snaygill Industrial Estate, Keighley Road, Skipton, BD23 2QR.
Appeal Decision: N/A

Download Enforcement Notice 4a-d 27 October 2010 621/09
Download Enforcement Notice 4e 27 October 2010 621/09

Case Reference: 591/09
Date Issued: 28 July 2010
Land at Newby Street, Cross Hills.
Appeal Decision: N/A

Download Enforcement Notice 28 July 2010 591/09

Case Reference: 396/09
Date Issued: 8 June 2010
Land at 5 Glusburn Bridge, Glusburn, Keighley.
Appeal Decision: N/A

Download Enforcement Notice 396/09

Case Reference: 489/09
Date Issued: 7 June 2010
Land at Wedding Hall Barn, The Fold, Lothersdale.
Appeal Decision: N/A

Download Enforcement Notice 489/09

Case Reference: 481/09
Date Issued: 11 May 2010
8 Crag Vale Terrace, Glusburn, Keighley, BD20 8QU.
Appeal Decision: N/A

Download Enforcement Notice 11-05-10 481/09

Case Reference: 410/09
Date Issued: 26 April 2010
New Laithe Barn, Wigglesworth.
Appeal Decision : Allowed and Notice Quashed

Download Enforcement Notice 26_4_10 410/09
Download Appeal Decision 26 April 2010 410/09

Case Reference: 442/09
Date Issued: 15 April 2010
New Laithe Farm, Station Road, Crosshills.
Appeal Decision: N/A

Download Enforcement Notice A 15_4_10 442/09
Download Enforcement Notice B 15_4_10 442/09