Craven District Council

Craven District Council

Strategic housing land availability assessment (SHLAA)

The SHLAA is a list of sites that people have suggested as having potential for housing development.

Sites within the SHLAA have been suggested by a wide range of organisations and individuals. The council is gathering information about each site to assess whether or not it's likely to be available and suitable for new housing development.

IMPORTANT: The SHLAA doesn't say how many or which sites should be developed - that will be the job of the New Local Plan, which we're working on at the moment. The SHLAA sets out the choice of sites available to us, so we can choose only the ones we need and prefer. Many more sites have been suggested to us than we actually need, so only some of those within the SHLAA will be earmarked for development in the new local plan.


Why do we need a SHLAA?

The new local plan needs to identify development sites that can fulfil local housing requirements over the next 15-20 years and the SHLAA helps us to assess which sites might be suitable for that purpose. We also need to assess when sites could be developed, to ensure there are enough sites to cover at least the first five years of the plan, in accordance with Government requirements.

Where have sites come from?

SHLAA sites have been put forward by individuals and organisations who own or manage land or buildings, including residents, businesses, farmers, estates, utility companies and local authorities (including the Council).

Will all suggested sites be developed?

No. There are more sites than we need to meet local housing requirements over the plan period. You can see more information about how many new homes are likely to be needed in different parts of the area on our New Local Plan web-page.

How are sites assessed?

Sites are assessed against a two-part checklist, which can be downloaded below. Part One provides an initial broad sweep to highlight sites that are available and in a suitable location. Those sites then have further detailed checks applied in Part Two. Some of the Part Two checks are likely to need input from landowners, infrastructure providers and technical experts. A site that doesn't pass all of the Part Two checks won't be considered as a realistic option for inclusion in the new local plan.

How do I view the SHLAA?

Below you can download a list of SHLAA sites that have passed Part One checks and maps showing those sites. It isn't possible for us to maintain the SHLAA as a live on-line document, but we will update it annually. The information provided is correct as of 15th November 2013.

List of SHLAA sites

N.B. Some of these documents are large and may take time to download.

Here's a presentation about the SHLAA, which we put together at the request of Cononley Parish Council:

Next steps

We've applied the Part One and Part Two checks and, where necessary, we're now contacting landowners, infrastructure providers and technical experts to request additional information.

If you're a landowner or agent with a site in the SHLAA and have not yet received your Part Two Checklist, please get in touch by emailing