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Garden waste collection

The fortnightly garden waste collection service is an annual subscription service which provides a simple and cost effective way to dispose of your garden waste.

Residents who subscribe to the service will be required to pay a small annual fee and will be provided with a brown 240 litre wheeled bin which will be emptied every two weeks from March to November.  There are no collections during the winter months December to February. Residents are required to place the brown bin at the edge of their property, by 6.30am on the day of collection, with the licence displayed. 
From 1 April 2022, collections will start at an earlier time of 6.00am due to a reorganisation of the service.

The annual cost of the garden waste subscription service for 2022/23 is £36.00 per licence.  We can collect more than one brown bin per property; you just need a subscription for each bin.

Collections will be suspended for the winter from late November to February and this is accounted for in the annual subscription fee.

Garden Waste Winter Break Collections for 2022-23

Collection will be suspended for the winter break -

Week One - Week Commencing 14 November 2022
Week Two
- Week Commencing 21 November 2022

Collection will start again following the winter break -

Week One - Week Commencing 20 February 2023
Week Two
- Week Commencing 27 February 2023

New subscribers - register an interest

New subscriptions for 2022/23 have now closed.  If you would like to join the Council’s garden waste collection service for 2023/24, residents can still apply to join our scheme online.  Please note that you will be contacted in February 2023 with your garden reference number if eligible to join the service.

Apply to join the Garden Waste Collection Scheme

Receiving and using your new licence

Once payment has been received, you will receive a letter through the post confirming that you have subscribed to the service along with your licence sticker.  If you have subscribed for more than one brown bin, you will receive a sticker for each bin in your pack.

The licence sticker will need to be affixed to the back of your brown bin (handle facing) and be clearly visible, as this indicates to the collection crew that you have paid for the service.

Only your reference and address will appear on the licence. Bins presented for collection with no valid licence will not be emptied.

Please note that those who subscribe to the service on or before 6th March 2022 can expect to receive their new licence sticker from week commencing 14th March 2022. Residents subscribing after this date can expect to receive their licence sticker within 14 days of making payment.

Other information

Can I join part way through the year?

You can join the scheme at any time however you will be required to pay the full annual amount, so join early to benefit from the maximum number of collections.

Are all Craven properties eligible for the service?

Please note that unfortunately, it is not possible for us to include all properties in the District on the garden waste collection service. Properties that are not eligible for the service can compost their garden waste at home or alternatively can be taken to your local household waste recycling centre free of charge of composting.

Moving house

The garden waste licence is only valid for the property for which it was originally purchased and is non-transferable.  Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund if you move within or outside of the district or to a property where you no longer require the garden waste service.  However you may leave your licence for the new occupants if there is any remaining term remaining.

Share with a neighbour

If you would like to share your brown bin with a neighbour (you can share the service charge with them, informally).  We will require the full amount and the bin will need to registered and collected at one address.

Requesting a replacement bin

Please use our online form to request a replacement brown bin if yours has been lost, stolen, or damaged.  Please note a charge may be made to replace lost/stolen bins.

Lost, stolen or damaged licence

You can report a lost, stolen or damaged licence online:

Garden Waste - Report a lost, stolen or damaged licence

Missed collections

To report a missed collection of your refuse and/or recycling, please complete our online form.

What if I don't want to renew my subscription?

Residents who do not wish to renew their subscription can request removal of a brown bin online.

Garden waste can either be taken to your nearest household waste recycling centre for composting free of charge, alternatively it can be composted at home.

Where does the garden waste go?

We collect approximately 3,400 tonnes of garden waste per year which is composted at Yorwaste's Composting Facility at Scorton in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

brown bin

What can go in the brown bin? 

  • Grass cuttings
  • Hedge clippings
  • Tree and bush prunings
  • Plants and weeds
  • Leaves, twigs and bark
  • Cut flowers and houseplants

We will not take...

  • Large branches
  • Wood
  • Soil or stones/rubble
  • Turf
  • Food, fruit/vegetables including peelings and other kitchen waste
  • Ash
  • Sawdust
  • Pet bedding
  • Cat & dog faeces
  • Paper/Cardboard
  • Compostable or biodegradable bags & coffee cups
  • Any other household waste

From 1 April 2022 we will no longer be accepting raw fruit/veg (including peelings) in the garden waste bin (brown bin).

Why can’t I put food waste in my brown garden bin?

Whilst these products are suitable for home composting, they are not generally suitable for PAS100 quality assured commercial composting as they do not break down within the timescales the compost is produced.  Any waste of this type received by our contractor would be screened out as litter/contamination and disposed of with general waste

We have found an increase in food waste being disposed of in the brown bin(s) over the last couple of years. Our contractor will no longer accept this type of waste from 1 April or the Council may be subject to potential fines for the handling and processing of this type of waste.

What should I do with my food waste?

You can put your food waste into your general waste bin (green bin). Your food waste will then be sent to Allerton Waste Recovery Park (an ‘Energy from Waste’ plant) in Knaresborough, where it will be turned into enough electricity to supply about 40,000 homes.

Some household waste can be home composted these include: Tea bags, Vegetable peelings, Salad leaves, Fruit scraps, Coffee grounds, Filter paper, Crushed eggshells, Egg and cereal boxes, Corrugated cardboard, scrunched up newspaper, Toilet and kitchen roll inner tubes, biodegradable plastics, straw, and hay (pet bedding).

What happens if there is food waste in my garden waste bin from April 2022?

If there is food waste in your garden waste bin from April 2022, the bin will be classed as contaminated. This means we will be unable to empty the contents of the bin and you will be asked to dispose of the waste yourself.  The collection team will tag your bin to inform you why we have been unable to service your bin. We will not return to recollect a contaminated bin and will continue not to empty the bin until the contaminated waste has been removed. 

Can I purchase compost produced from the garden waste service?

Yes, compost is sold in bags under the name of Yorganics, please visit the link to view the list of stockists below

Home composting

Home composting is an alternative to garden waste collection or helps reduce the volume that has to be carried away, and it's good for your garden. 

Special offer compost bins

The York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership is offering residents in York and North Yorkshire the chance to purchase compost bins at a fantastic price. Subsidised compost bins are available in two sizes for all residents, with delivery to your address.

Compost bins are available from just £12.00 (plus £5.99 delivery).  You can also 'buy one, get one half price' when you buy two of the same bin.

Two sizes of compost bin are available:

  • 220-litre Compost Converter at £12.00 (excluding delivery) 

  • 330-litre Compost Converter at £15.00 (excluding delivery) 

Compost bins are also on sale at North Yorkshire County Council's Household Waste Recycling Centre in Skipton, where residents can buy a 330-litre home compost bin for £15. Bins are limited to two per household and residents must take proof of their address. Payment must be made by credit/debit card only. Visit for more details.

Other products such as caddies, wormeries and kitchen composters can also be purchased online - download our composting leaflet

To order a bin, please call 0844 571 4444 quoting reference NYC01L or please visit

Compost bins from a garden centre typically cost £40 so you can save a lot by buying bins this way.

Both the 220 litre and 330 litre compost bins are called Compost Converters. The units are made from 100% recycled plastic with windproof secure push-fit lid and removable side hatch. The bins are guaranteed for 15 years.

Compost at Home booklet now available

The 'Composting at Home' booklet is a quick and easy guide to composting at home and provides advice on using your finished compost.  If you would like a copy, please contact Waste Management on 01756 700600 or email with your address details.