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Site Layout / Block Plan

All applications involving changes to a site layout require a site layout or block plan showing both the existing site layout and proposed layout.

A site layout plan shows a detailed layout of the whole site and the relationship of the proposed works with the boundary of the property, nearby roads and neighbouring buildings.

Block plans should:

  • Be to a scale of 1:200 or 1:500.
  • Show the proposed works shaded.
  • Show the proposed building(s), all existing buildings and structures, the garden and other open areas.
  • Include details of all trees, eg position, spread and species (eg oak, ash, etc).
  • Show the whole of the boundary of the property, indicating the position and height of all boundary walls and fences.
  • Show the position and size of existing and proposed hard surfaced areas eg parking spaces, turning areas, paths, etc.
  • Identify any buildings to be demolished.
  • Identify trees to be felled.
  • Show all roads/footpaths/public rights of way adjoining the site.
  • Show immediate adjacent properties and buildings.
  • Show the direction of north.