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Personal Training

If you're serious about working out, our personal trainers can help you push to the next level of fitness.

All our personal trainers are qualified to a minimum Level 3. This means they follow all the latest thinking and use specialist knowledge based on scientific research. In short, they mix theory and practice to help you to meet your fitness goals.

Of course we're not talking about angry drill sergeants; our personal trainers are friendly, supportive experts. They will work with you to find the best way for you to work out and to make sure you still enjoy it!

If you are interested in booking a personal training session, speak to one of our Trainers direct on the gym floor. A 1-to-1 PT session costs just £25 you will need to pre-pay to make a booking. 

*Please note there is a minimum cancellation period of 3hours (currently under review).  If you cancel within 3hours the booking fee will not be refunded.

2019 Approved Personal Trainers at Craven Leisure...

Kyle Wilmot

Rebecca Reynolds

Hollie Moore

Mark Duffy

Claire Megson

Joe Fearnley

Rebecca Dodgson

Neil Harrison