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Swimazing Lessons

Making learning to swim fun, engaging and exciting.

Our program follows and builds upon the Swim England learn to swim framework. Taking children from non swimmers to confident, active swimmers.

With many opportunities available to take their swimming journey further.  

The Swim England Learn to Swim Programme is a world-leading syllabus, helping children and adults to learn how to swim. It’s a fantastic experience that opens up new possibilities for everyone, as well as supporting their confidence, enjoyment and safety in the water.

Within our program we incorporate all 7 stage's of the learn to swim program. Which is the core syllabus of learning to swim for all primary aged children.

The Stages

Each level is designed to develop the aquatic skills needed to be confident, competent and safe in the water. 

The video's below will give an overview of the outcomes children need to achieve before progressing to the next stage. 

Stage 1        Stage 4      Stage 7

Stage 2        Stage 5

Stage 3        Stage 6

Waiting List

Our waiting list is now open.

Tell us which stage you want to join the waiting list for via the link below.

After completing the form you will be directed to the buy a membership page. Signup for a waiting list membership, there is no cost involved with this it will just give you a customer profile for us to link to your waiting list application.

Please ensure the membership is created in your childs name and with there date of birth. 

*You will require a seperate email address for each child for the intial sign up, these can be consolidated after the signup process.

Your application cannot be processed without creating a waiting list membership

Sign up to waiting list

*Swimmers waiting for stage 1 can expect a wait of up to a year.

Home Portal

As a parent it is often difficult to gain access to the instructors once they are instructing and this can make it difficult to know where your child is up to.

The Course pro home portal is a great way of checking your child’s progress from the comfort of your own home. By simply inputting your email address and child’s leisure card number, you can check what badge/certificate your child has been awarded, receive notification emails as soon as your child has completed each level of their selected class and even select what class they can move into.

From the home portal, you are able to look at available lessons and change days, times or instructors. You can even top up your payment plan.

Please ensure your current email address is registered on your child’s leisure card information as this will be required to log in to the home portal.

Login to Home Portal