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Minor Material Amendment / Variation or Condition(s) Applications

These applications should be accompanied by a schedule which clearly sets out which plans / documents / supporting information apply to the specific planning condition or part conditions as set out on the planning decision notice.





Condition No.

Superseded Plan

Amended Plan

Summary of Amendment


000.001 Proposed Elevation

000.001 Rev B Proposed Elevation

First floor window removed from N elevation

Condition No.

Superseded Statement

Amended Statement

Summary of Amendment


Heritage Statement v1

Heritage Statement v3


Amendment to paragraph 2.1


Addition Plan / Information

Reason for inclusion


000.006 Proposed Elevation


The validation team may request this information for any application type but is more likely to be requested for the more complex application sites.

Please note, in the past many applications have been delayed or refused due to the lack of clarity provided.