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Outline Planning Application with all or some matters reserved

Our checklists are to be used as guidance on what to submit with your planning application. There may be certain cases where we will need to request information, outside of the lists, the help support your application.

Planning application form and certificates

Planning Application Fee

Site location plan

Site Plan An illustrative plan at a recognised scale to show the proposed layout, vehicular access and visibility splay.  A visibility splay is a drawing plan than visualises the angle and distance from which drivers emerging from an access can see and be seen by drivers proceeding along the priority road. it ensures that any buildings works for entrances and exits have good visibility to prevent motor accidents.

The following may be required with Householder Planning application, please read the guidance notes and standard requirements linked to each of the headings.

Affordable Housing Statement

Archaeological Desk-based Assessment

Agricultural Land Assessment

Biodiversity Survey and Report

Coal Mining Risk Assessment

Community Involvement Statement

Community Uses Assessment

Crime Impact Statement

Daylight/Sunlight Assessment

Design and Access Statement

Economic Statement

Elevations - Existing and Proposed

Environmental Impact Assessment (Subject to screening opinion)

Farm Buildings Questionnaire

Flood Risk Assessment

Flood Risk Sequential Test

Floor plans - Existing and Proposed

Foul Drainage Assessment

Heritage Statement

Land Contamination Assessment

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

Lighting Assessment

Marketing Evidence

Noise Assessment

Open Space / Recreational Facilities Assessment

Parking Provision

Planning Statement

Public Rights of Way Statement

Roof plans - Existing and Proposed

Rural Workers’ Dwelling Justification

Sections - Existing and Proposed

Street Scene or Contextual Drawings

Structural Survey

Sustainable Drainage System Strategy

Telecommunication Statement

Town Centre Impact Assessment

Transport Assessment / Transport Statement / Travel Plan

Tree Survey /Arboricultural Statement

Viability Appraisal

Ventilation/ Extraction Statement