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Craven District Council

Town Centre Impact Assessment

Assessments are required for:

developments involving retail, and leisure uses located outside of a designated centre with a catchment covering the following centres (as defined on the Policies Map of the Craven Local Plan) and are at or above the centre's corresponding gross floorspace threshold:

Skipton Town Centre – 1,500 sqm
Setttle Town Centre – 750 sqm
Bentham District Centre – 500 sqm
Cross Hills District Centre – 500sqm
Ingleton Local Centre – 250 sqm

Proposals for change of use of retail units within the Primary Shopping Area of Skipton

This should include assessment of:

a) the impact of the proposal on existing, committed and planned public and private investment in a centre or centres in the catchment area of the proposal; and

b) the impact of the proposal on town centre vitality and viability, including local consumer choice and trade in the town centre and the wider retail catchment (as applicable to the scale and nature of the scheme).