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Flood Risk Assessment

All development in Flood Zones 2 and 3.

In Flood Zone 1, an assessment should accompany all proposals involving: sites of 1 hectare or more; land which has been identified by the Environment Agency as having critical drainage problems; land identified in a strategic flood risk assessment as being at increased flood risk in future; or land that may be subject to other sources of flooding, where its development would introduce a more vulnerable use.

Information on identified flood zones (including areas of risk of flooding from rivers and seas AND areas at risk of flooding from surface water) are included on the following webpage:-
Check the long term flood risk for an area in England - GOV.UK

Alternatively, the council can provide information on whether a piece of land is identified as being at flood risk. In addition to the mandatory requirements set out above a FRA will be required for developments of less than 1 ha in flood zone 1 where they could be affected by other sources of flooding, such as surface water drains, canals and reservoirs.

Applicants can find out what flood zone their development is in here

In line with the National Planning Policy Framework, the assessment should:

  • identify and assess the risks of all forms of flooding to and from the development and demonstrate how these flood risks will be managed, taking climate change into account.
  • identify opportunities to reduce the probability and consequences of flooding.
  • include the design of surface water management systems (including Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDs) and,
  • address the requirements for safe access to and from the development in areas at risk of flooding.

For guidance on preparing a flood risk assessment please refer to:

Preparing a flood risk assessment: standing advice - GOV.UK

For details of what an FRA should include please refer to mandatory requirement for a FRA above.