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Viability Appraisal

Viability assessment will be required with all planning applications proposing housing where under policy H2 affordable housing or

a contribution in lieu of on-site affordable housing is required and for viability reasons the level of affordable housing contribution in lieu of on-site provision is not being proposed.

Any viability assessment shall provide sufficient financial information to demonstrate why the proposed scheme is unable to support the affordable housing or infrastructure (or monies in lieu of).
A template for the ASVA is included at Appendix 4 of the Affordable Housing SPD, which is available here:

Craven District Council : New Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document adopted

If you consider that your financial viability information should not be disclosed, then you must submit an additional statement titled 'Financial Viability Appraisal - Exceptional Circumstances' detailing why you consider the FVA should not be made publicly available.

Craven District Council will allow for exceptions to full disclosure in very limited circumstances and only when the disclosure of any part of a viability assessment would cause demonstrable harm to the public interest to an extent that is not outweighed by the benefits of disclosure. Please note that a statement just saying that the viability information is confidential and commercially sensitive, and should therefore be exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Environmental Information Regulations 2004, will not be considered adequate justification.