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Flood Risk Assessment / Matrix

When is a Flood Risk Assessment required?

Policy Driver

  •  Craven Local Plan Policy ENV6 Flood Risk
  • The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)


When required?

A flood risk assessment is required for proposals where the site falls within:

  • Flood Zone 1 (flooding from watercourses) and the development site has a site area of 1 hectare or greater OR has critical drainage problems as notified by the Environment Agency; or,
  • Flood Zones 2 and 3 (flooding from watercourses); or,
  • areas identified as having a moderate or high risk of flooding from surface or ground water. or
  • non mains drainage schemes.

Applicants can find out what flood zone their development is in here

 What is required?

A completed flood risk assessment (FRA). In line with the National Planning Policy Framework, the assessment should identify and assess the risks of all forms of flooding to and from the development and demonstrate how these flood risks will be managed, taking climate change into account. It should identify opportunities to reduce the probability and consequences of flooding. The FRA should include the design of surface water management systems including Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDs) and address the requirements for safe access to and from the development in areas at risk of flooding.

Please Note: For householder applications and minor changes of use falling into flood zones can be accompanied by a Flood Risk Matrix along with details of any precautionary measures to be incorporated into the scheme.