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Structural Survey

Please see Method Statement if a Structural Survey is deemed as not being necessary.

Policy Driver

  • Craven Local Plan Policy ENV2: Heritage


When required?

When a traditional building proposed for conversion shows signs of structural instability, such as missing roof or wall material, leaning or bulging walls, cracks in the masonry etc. If the building does not show any signs of instability but you are proposing to remove the roof covering during conversion works or insert new internal or external openings then a Method Statement will be required to set out the means of safeguarding the stability of the building during development.

When a traditional building is proposed for demolition a structural survey must be carried out by a structural engineer or a suitably qualified person.

WARNING: a planning permission for the conversion of a building may be at risk if you commence conversion works which result in roofs and walls being taken down and rebuilt. In most cases substantial demolition will be considered to be a ‘re-build’ and not a conversion. It is therefore important that the structural integrity of the building and its capacity for conversion are established through the planning application process.

What is required?

An *up to date survey of the structural stability of the building carried out by a qualified structural engineer or other qualified person accepted by the Authority and an assessment of the effect of the proposed works on the structural integrity of the building. The survey or statement should be accompanied by drawings indicating the extent of anticipated rebuilding and details of how the building will be supported during the works.

*up to date means a survey no older than 12 months old.

Please Note: An application will not be validated until this information has been received and deemed acceptable.